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Joan Toupin

My name is Joan Toupin and I have been working in the law office of Burton F. Berg of Berg and Laipson for 48 years.  I attended and graduated from the University of Alaska in Fairbanks, Alaska with a Bachelor of  Business Administration degree.

My speciality is working on Eminent Domain cases with Attorney Berg where I do Complaints, Interrogatories, Requests for Production of  Documents, Motions and other documents and correspondence relating to Eminent Domain cases. I started working on Eminent Domain cases when attorney Berg was an Assistant Attorney General in the Eminent Domain Division and he represented the Taking Authority who would be the defendant in the case.  Attorney Berg then became a Special Assisant Attorney General and we continued working on Eminent Domain cases representing the State. When Attorney Berg left the Attorney General’s office,  he started representing the plaintiffs who had their land taken by Eminent Domain and I continued working on this type of case with many successful settlements for the clients.

I have also worked for many years on Tort cases which include automobile accidents, fall down accidents and other types of injury cases. I have worked on Wills, Health Care Proxies and Durable Powers of Attorney as well as Worker Compensation cases and Social Security Disability