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DivorceWhen you find yourself in the unfortunate position of needing to file for divorce, you need a lawyer that you can trust to fight for you in all aspects of your case.  Attorney Burton F. Berg has decades of experience in divorce matters. The lawyer you choose can make a huge difference! Choosing the right divorce attorney will determine the ultimate success of your case.

We will work with you in all areas pertaining to divorce, including Child Custody and Visitation Rights, Alimony and Child Support, Division of Property and Debt, Parental Rights, and Grandparent Rights.

Child Custody and Visitation:  We will actively fight for your rights in all types of child custody and visitation cases including legal custody, physical custody, sole custody, joint and shared custody, and supervised visitation issues.

Child Support & Alimony:  Having the right attorney in cases involving child support and alimony is critical to the outcome.  With Attorney Burton F. Berg many years experience with such cases. The judges decision in these cases is discretionary and our familiarity with judge’s past decisions can play a big role in the success of the outcome.

Property Division and Debt:  What is considered to be fair to one side is not necessarily considered fair by the other. Under Massachusetts’ Equitable Distribution Statute fair distribution does not necessarily mean equal distribution. Attorney Berg will consider all aspects of your case including conduct during the marriage, each of the parties contributions, and consider the tax implications so as to protect your interests in any settlement.

Parental Rights:  Attorney Berg will fight for your rights as either a Mother or a Father when you want to fully participate in the care and upbringing of the children. Sometime the custodial parent wants to relocate to an area which will deny the other parent from participating the the children’s lives. We ofter actively fight removal petitions and we also advocate in the best interests of the children.

Grandparents:  Sometimes grandparents are denied visitation with their grandchildren. We can represent grandparents when they wish to assert their rights as grandparents or contest their visitation or custody rights.

We represent parties in divorce matters and do Conciliations and Mediations as well as represent them in the Worcester Probate Court. I am available for conferences and second opinions on your divorce. I will make sure your rights are being protected including a fair division of marital assets, custody of children and visitation rights.